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Woody Harrelson (Haymitch Abernathy) speaks about The Hunger Games; Tumblr embedded

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Tom’s gonna take us through a little prep with a traditional English tea, because apparently Americans don’t do it right. Why is that?
I didn’t say that as such! I just said it’s a struggle to get a good cup of English tea in America, ‘cause we struggle to get boiling water - which is essential to a good blend.
Now, why is the boiling water better over the leaves, you say?

Boiling water is essential to really infuse the water and get the fourth flavor out of the bag. [Takes out tea bag] So you put a couple of those in the tea pot. […] We’re gonna hope the water is warm enough, to really produce a good color because color is essential in all this. We need a good, healthy, brown blend. [Pours tea] Oh, look at that. Look at that. Tell you what, that’s not a bad color - not a bad blend at all. Quite pleased with myself. Yeah, it’s part of the tradition. There’s a bit of terminology here as well, depending on what strength you want to - if you want to build as brew, that’s very strong because we generally take it pretty strong. [Sips tea] Ahh, quite delightful. (x)

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